Oregon, Oregon St., and Southern Cal Enter the Britt Prince Sweepstakes

Britt Prince, the HS junior with as many state basketball championships as Elkhorn North HS (Elkhorn, Neb.) has years in existence, received offers from Oregon, Oregon St. and Southern Cal.

That brings the total to more than 30 (including one-third of the Pac-12 — I wouldn’t object to her signing with Utah, though the Utes have yet to extend an offer), as the schools’ stature increases with each new offer (Creighton, a high-profile program in Prince’s backyard, was among the first).

When progressions like this happen, I figure the only enticement a less-powerful program has left to offer is ideal academics (but we don’t know what Prince’s educational goals are). Harvard made an offer early, which a student-athlete surely has to consider.

Remember when Harvard was the elite American school? The wonderful documentary No Look Pass concerned student-athlete Emily Tay, a first-generation Burmese immigrant whose parents directed all of their energy at getting her into the one and only one American school they knew.

When Stanford enters that sweepstakes, can we agree that she’ll be able to go wherever she wants? Screw Connecticut; Stanford should be the most desirable place for a basketball player who wants to compete for a national title (Stanford’s is more recent than Connecticut’s) and get a diploma that opens eyes after basketball.

Last time I saw a HS student-athlete get this much next-level attention was the fictional running back in Friday Night Lights, the movie that inspired the hit TV show. It’s a heartbreak story for that kid, so I keep it out of mind.